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  • Well, i’ve made a new plugin. With a form on your site, people can give their name and website, and then those will show up at your site. It also saves them in a cookie, so when this user goes to an other wp site, their name and website will be visible there too. I think it’s a cool idea, but i got stuck with the writing of it. And also, your whole site gets buggy, because the query stuff doesn’t work well anymore.
    So, please help me!!!
    Excuse me for the english, i’m in a hurry 😉
    the sources: ( look at the source of this page!)
    The cookies work, but: it won’t update the mysql table, to remove someone from your online list.
    The whole site starts to trip
    Make also a table for how many people are online who haven’t given their name and website
    Make the code better
    If i’m online, you can see it NOT working here:

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  • Well, after cursing the whole day, trying everything i know about php, i solved the problem. Still don’t know what the problem is/was, but it’s solved now. Expect a beta release soon.

    And: 2 posts of this thread have been deleted, my old 2nd post was restored … is there a ghost or something here? 😛

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