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  • Finally I have done it… There is no builtin way to include rss feeds from different source in your wordpress post of page. Its was a great hassle. Now I have written a plugin for wordpress to solve this problem.

    To install it is simple. Just upload it into plugins folder and enable it from admin panel. Then you can use {rss} tag in following format in any of your post and pages. I have used lastRSS to parse the RSS feeds.

    Its use is incredibly simple. You can even control how many feed you want to show in your post. For an example if you want to latest 8 news from BBC in your Post/Page just write the following in your post

    {rss uri= count=8}

    Thats it!!. Its incredible simple. You dont need to install/upload any other file. Use it, and post your feedback

    To download thie RSS_Processor_Plugin just go here and download it.

    Download :

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  • Please test it and post your feedback

    Evelin, you´re my hero!!!!! ^_^

    I´m searching something to do this, but I can´t fint anything, only feed agregators to view them in the admin section, not in the frontpage.

    I´m going to test it now. Thanks for that plugin. A lot of kudos for you

    I am sure, It will satisfy you.. It already satisfies a lot indeed. 😀

    I´t works perfect ^^. THANKS!!!!

    I have one suggestion about the plugin: There´s a way to show only the title of the entry, instead of the title and part of the content?

    CG-FeedRead works well too….


    the latest CG-Feedread simply crashes my WP. And I read the documentation, and is harder to use than RSS Processor.

    I only wait to RSS Processor can handle the show of titles only and title & content, in a simple option given on de {rss line.

    Keep the good work evelin ^^.

    Ok madcore,
    I will seperate the content and title for you, specially for youi and release teh next version soon. thanks. I was also crashed with FeedRead and it really make me soo bothered. Thats why I started to read teh plugin documentation and build this plugin for all.

    Its is much more easier than FeedRead


    Nice plugin, just a problem when the RSS feed comes from an iso-8859-1 site

    This is great. Thanks, evelin

    How can one use this plugin in a side bar? I tried entering in the code in the sidebar file, and it displays the raw code. am I missing something?

    “the latest CG-Feedread simply crashes my WP”???

    CG-Feedread has been bringing RSS feeds into WordPress for a while now, and this is the first I’ve heard of it ‘crashing’ anything. Drop me a line at cgcode at chait dot net — I’d love to hear what you tried, and what happened!

    And Thanks Gnomey! (Yes, FeedRead is great for this type of stuff, all formats of RSS, and with CG-QuickPHP you can embed it into a post or page… but I’ll take Qs offline if anyone has them…)

    evelin, since you are sitting on top of lastRSS (which you have embedded), you should really set $rss->cache_dir to SOMETHING by default after instantiating the object.

    You might also want to create one global lastRSS() object and hold onto it — right now, you are creating an RSS object for EVERY post being filtered. Or at the least, don’t create the lastRSS object until AFTER you’ve found a valid {rss…} pattern match! 😉 But I’d say you should be able to create one per pageload — a teensy bit wasteful if no processing, but much better if lots of processing. (Or, make it an option!)


    ya david, I will do that (performance tuning) in next release. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    Link is dead.

    No, Link is still alive.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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