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  • sonnendieb


    Recently, wpDiscuz had a major update. Before that, using the plugin and its extensions had a huge impact on your page speed. After the update, it has gotten a bit better, but it is still far away from being a lightweight plugin. You need to have a proper server to run it, otherwise your Google pagespeed results will suffer quite a bit.
    Why still only one star then? This is mainly due to the non-existence of quality control and huge investment of time to get help.
    After the update, I noticed that the CSS of one extension had not been updated as well to be compatible with the new design. That is, the layout with that extension was broken. I suspect that no one had taken the time to check if the new CSS of the main plugin might cause any trouble with the extensions. And you pay quite a bit for those extensions mind you. So I contacted support with the problem. Instead of fixing the problem (let alone apologise for an oversight like this), I was told to write an email. I did that. I got ignored for a week. I updated the forum thread. I was ignored for a week. I opened another thread. I got the reply to write an email. I wrote another email. After a week I got an answer. I described the problem. The support fixed two or three of the layout bugs I mentioned and did nothing about the rest. From here on I had to search every broken bit and report it to them and only then did they fix it. And only this. It even happened that they set an element to no display, so took functionality away, because they could not be bothered to write proper CSS. Again, I paid for those extensions and was not paid by them to do beta testing.
    This was not the end, of course. I had several other problems as well and had also mentioned them in each of my messages. In the last mail from support they suddenly told me that I had to open ANOTHER thread to get help with those problems. The bugs where things like buttons not working when you have smooth scrolling enabled in CSS, so really fundamental things.
    So, all in all, it took two months or so to get some solutions. And I am still trying to convince them to finally fix every last bit of broken CSS while they tread you like a supplicant.

    Wish the story ended there. After my review here I got a really unpleasant mail from the dev about the rating. He was pretty passive aggressive. I told him I don’t think it is appropriate to contact someone directly because of a rating, but it seemed he was more concerned about five stars than actually providing support.
    What is more, there is a conflict that wpDiscuz causes. You cannot use CSS smooth scrolling anymore with a certain wpDiscuz feature enabled. A couple of people, me included, pointed this out in the support forums. Instead of helping fix this problem, they refused to take any responsibility for this and basically said, well, don’t use smooth scrolling then if you want our feature. Just great.
    Oh, and about the weird answer from the dev: It is bad form to try to undermine the credibility of the person rating the plugin. And I don’t know how any update would fix the bad support and miserable quality control? Maybe you should update that instead?

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    • This topic was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by sonnendieb.
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  • Plugin Author gVectors Team


    Hi @sonnendieb,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    We do lots of time and financial investment in support for sure. That’s why 99% of wpDiscuz users are more than happy. You can see it in wpDiscuz plugin reviews:

    And yes, there are very few cases that users are not satisfied. And we do our best to make it as little as possible.

    Your main issues are site specific issues so you should understand that first we fix general issues then help site specific issues. We’re supporting hundreds of support topics and emails a day and in rare cases some support maybe delayed. But we don’t leave you alone and always find solutions even if it takes 1-2 weeks. The 99% of support is being done within 1-12 hours, so your case is not a general.

    The bad thing is that most of unsatisfied users leave bad reviews, but only 0.1% of satisfied users consider leaving a good review. That’s way you may not see how hard the support work and how much our users are satisfied.

    And the good thing is that we work hard and improve wpDiscuz every day. So all bad reviews become outdated with the next wpDiscuz update.

    Thank you for using wpDiscuz!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    Side note: @gvectors-team You’re not really making this case when you intentionally hide all of the non-5 star reviews with ?filter=5.

    We do lots of time and financial investment in support for sure. That’s why 99% of wpDiscuz users are more than happy. You can see it in wpDiscuz plugin reviews:

    If someone wants to see all of the actual reviews then this link is more representative of that.

    Without the ?filter=5.

    Plugin Author gVectors Team


    Thank you @jdembowski,
    But the reason of leaving that URL was show satisfied users review. Please read that part of my text:

    That’s why 99% of wpDiscuz users are more than happy. You can see it in wpDiscuz plugin reviews:

    I’m talking about only satisfied users, which are 99% and I refer to those reviews. That’s why I put the filter.

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