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  • goodsnake


    Here is my current work in progress. I love WordPress so much more than I ever loved Movable Type. The blog can be found at
    But I would really like to start a listing on my blog of all WordPress sites that are willing to give me their URLs so leave yours in a post below or find my email on my site or something if you are interested in being included. Thanks
    FYI: Goodsnake is a she!

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  • carthik


    Like LaughingLizard said, I am working on it. (Actually I am so lazy, I am _not_ working on it, which is why it’s not up yet ;P )
    It should be up later today.



    Yeah add me to that list 🙂



    One more link:
    A happy wp user 😉



    Might as well add me to it as well:
    TechGnome’s World.




    I agree with Beel, why do girls get so antsy when we assume they are male, most people here are guys so its understandable, and why should we have to type crap like he/she if we’re not 100% sure? This is the WordPress forum, not the feminazi one!



    @anon, I can’t see what would possibly stop you from correcting someone who referred to a female friend of yours as a male. That is all this was about, and no one needs to feel that anyone else was offended or taken aback (referring to your “antsy” bit) by someone else mixing up their gender.

    PJ Brunet


    WordPress is a babe magnet.






    Alright guys, the old LaughingLizard WP blog counter is at WP blog counter. Add yours there, or ping when you update, so the crawler can index your blog too.



    hehe @ KnowingArt_com 😀



    where are they??



    emerald coloured glasses i think…


    one more…
    and on the he/she thing: sure, it’s a convention to say “he’ and ‘him’ are meant to refer also to ‘she’ and ‘hers’. But does it, really? Let’s try publishing some material written entirely with “she” and “hers”. As a male reader, can you really feel that such also applies to you?
    My solution is to write text that sometimes refers to he and him, and sometimes to she and hers. It’s about the best I can think of.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 44 total)
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