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  • Hi there (¡Hola!),

    I see that you are working on a tech company and you seem to have dropped the support for the plugin.

    I actively use it, have modified it on my own and i’d be very interested if you could allow me to maintain it since you can’t do it anymore. i would have nice features to add and i can help keep it up to date 🙂

    Would you allow me to do so? that way all the users you have can also be happy and keep using the plugin!

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  • i’d second Alejandro.

    just bought the pro version not realising ALL support had ended.

    I just checked the files for license information, because I also love the plugin, would like to see further development, support, etc.

    In dk.pdf.php in the header section the license is marked as MIT.

    In my understanding this means you can do a fork of the plugin if the author doesn’t reply to your request.

    I really appreciate that someone continues the work, as also I bought it and can’t use it anymore.
    Alejandro, could you provide me with a working version, please?
    I’d put it on github or so, as it is worth continuing it.


    Thread Starter Alejandro J. Sanchez P.


    Right now i only have the FREE version which i have already modified a bit (it had some deprecated code, other code i adapted it to the current WP standards, etc.

    I didn’t want to Fork this project so people that already had it would continue to keep support, but at this point i think i’ll upload it to Github so everyone can improve it a bit.

    Allow me some time to do so because work has had me a bit busy here.

    I haven’t asked for the “paid” version because i feel like it could be a disrespect to the original author but whoever can get me in contact with him, would do me a HUGE favor! (i have tried everywhere without success X_x )

    Ciao Alejandro,

    mandami un’ e-mail su thaflo @ thaler-online punto com
    Ti mando mia versione.


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    Hello @elpanda13gmailcom,

    I’m glad to read that you are interested in following the development of this plugin. I was also a user of this plugin, but I had to stop using it because of the support dropout.

    If you want to continue the work of @dinamiko, you can follow the steps of Take Over an Existing Plugin in order to adopt and get access to this plugin repository.

    By the way, I recovered and improved the design of the documentation, which you can get here:

    I also fixed several i18n issues and translate the plugin into Spanish. You can find the open pull request here: Update up to v1.9.7 + New documentation

    If you finally take control of the plugin development and want a hand with it, please let me know by a mention (@yordansoares) or writing me by Twitter or my website (the URL is in my profile)

    Best regards,


    So, is there a working version of the Plugin out there? It would be a shame if i had to look for an alternative.. it currently produces a critical error on download since curly brackets are not supported as Array indexes anymore.


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    Plugin Author Torsten Bulk


    Hello to all,

    are any of you further along with PHP 8?

    Best regards


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