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  • Hi,

    It is been several years since I launched my website Sundstedt Animation

    I would love for a review of my website from you experts.

    I get 40-50 visits per day and would like to improve this as well so any working tips is much appreciated.

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    Anders Sundstedt

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  • Ravi


    Looks good.

    You might want to reduce some clutter, increase font size and speed.!/eqmhcb/

    Thanks Ravi,

    I’m already using MAXCDN and W3 Total Cache for speed. Not sure what else I can do for speed, any suggestions?

    For font size do you mean the paragraph (normal) text for posts and pages? Any suggestions? I have considered a larger and antialiased font but first I’m not sure how to make it antialiased and 2nd I have manually adjusted every paragraph ones pages to fit exactly the width/length of each row, so I imagined a larger font would ruin all that work 🙂

    Any suggestions welcome!

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    Perhaps, you can reduce the number of images and compress them using Smush it plugin.

    Almost 50% of page size is taken by images.

    Keeping the page size below 1 MB is ideal.

    You can also remove unwanted plugins and reduce the number of HTTP requests.

    The menu font size is too small.

    Your menu has some of the very important links for your business.

    Thanks Ravi that is some great advise.

    I will look at increasing menu font size. Perhaps less menu items will fit then. Good idea anyway.

    I am using Bulk Smush.i and Bulk Optimize, can I optimize more than that?

    I could consider removing an image or two.

    Would it matter more on the landing page (home page) that the pages are < 1MB and that there is few images etc.?




    //Bulk Smush.i and Bulk Optimize//

    Good enough.

    //Would it matter more on the landing page (home page) that the pages are < 1MB and that there is few images etc.?//


    Glad you found my review useful.

    All the best for your business.

    It was pretty fast to load here. About 4 seconds. But maybe you fixed it already? I really like the overall look and the nice cartoony graphics.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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