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  • I wish WordPress would wake up and get rid of Gutenberg.

    I don’t know who they think they are designing this block editor for. It’s one thing to make something optional. It’s another to muck up everything in WordPress by forcing it into the 2022 theme. If WordPress wants to get into the block editing business, then create it as a plugin and leave it at that. I had just installed a new site and used the 2022 WordPress theme (which was the default) and was like, what’s going on?? Where did everything go under the “Appearance” section?? I was really, really annoyed at how long it took me to figure out that the 2022 theme itself was causing the problem.

    Dear WordPress, make Gutenberg a plugin so those that want these features can have them, those that don’t can use a different builder (if desired), etc. And don’t create your “default themes” to mess up the standard WP functionality. I really wish you would take a survey before continuing down this path. I think you’d be surprised at the response you’ll get. And if I’m mistaken, then I’ll gladly shut up. But I think if you would survey all of your current users of, you’ll find that most people are not in favor of being coerced into using Gutenberg as the primary WP editing system. I realize this is just my opinion. But again, a survey would be a great way to ask for feedback and I’m sure we’d all love to see the survey results.

    — Gary

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