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  • I’ve used stripe’s plugin for years. Very solid. But wanted to try Helcim, which seems to be a great Canadian company with honest policies. But their woocommerce plugin is weak and not frequently updated. Couple of key issues:

    They don’t support USD purchases. Our store is set up for CAD and USD but the plugin fails ungracefully if someone wants to pay in USD.

    They don’t handle order refunds/voids transparently. If I create an order in the backend and then minutes later refund it via the WC backend, as I do in Stripe (eg a live test after a software update), the helcim plugin should understand that it needs to void/null the transaction at Helcim rather than refund it. Instead, it tries to refund it and fails outright with no clear idea why. In speaking with Helcim support (which initially I found quite unresponsive after creating a ticket), they grudgingly admitted that that might be a function they should support.

    I had a long interview with a junior product manager in Calgary some days later and he did not seem to really know much about woocommerce or wordpress. I spent 30-40 minutes teaching him, and he asked a lot of super basic questions. I told him that if they want more than 300 installations of their plugin, they need to make it way better. It just has to work, like 99% of other wordpress plugins do. At the point I spoke to him, their plugin hadn’t been updated in a year, which speaks of lackadaisical attention to it. So, as much as I want to send business their way, we’re an ecommerce store, not a point of sale terminal shop, and I guess I’ll have to wait until they get their ecommerce act together.

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