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  • Hello,

    I made a post yesterday about trying to alphabetize the index of my blog for a particular category, and I received helpful responses, but as I’ve been trying to follow guides I’m having no luck. I installed the WPSnap plugin and altered the code on the style page but it’s not displaying correctly at all.

    I will pay someone via PayPal to help me set up my blog. It’s not a huge task at all so I was thinking five dollars would be enough. I think someone who knows what they’re doing could knock this out in about five minutes – my problem is that I don’t have a firm foundation in code/blogs in general so I’m not understanding the problems I’m running into.

    If you’re interested in helping me, just respond here and I’ll give you info on my blog so you can use the admin section. After the job is finished I will PayPal you the money if that’s okay.

    Thanks a lot to anyone who’s interested in doing this – it really means a lot to me because I’ve been struggling the past two hours trying to figure out how to do this and I suppose I’m just too code-illiterate to get anywhere.

    EDIT: Let me elaborate a bit on what I’m trying to setup here, just so you have a clear picture of what is involved.

    – My blog is going to have three or four primary categories. Only one of them needs to be alphabetized: the movie reviews. The rest can be the default chronological order.

    – If possible, even if it’s just TELLING me how to do it, I was wondering if there’s a way of creating sub-categories for specific categories. Example: under the movie reviews category, is there a way of listing by year and director? Can these subcategories of the movie reviews be alphabetized, too?

    That’s really all I’m looking for at this point. If you feel the cost of setting this up for me should be higher than five dollars, let me know and I can possibly pay you more. I don’t know what the standard fee is for something like that.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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