• It is disappointing so see Mandrill would not longer be free. You’ll need to have “paid” account with MailChimp to use Mandrill.
    I need to send less than 100 emails per month and now mailchimp would charge me $9.95/month for this.
    I would now have to look for other solutions because its just too expensive.

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  • Hi,

    We’d love to help you, check out our 3 Months unlimited offerings and more at http://www.pepipost.com/index.php/mandrill-alternative/ and see what others are saying


    @oumz99, you are rating the plugin here, not the payment structure. If you don’t like the payment structure then voice your concerns with mailchimp/mandrill. It’s not fair for everyone else who’s trying to find a reliable mandrill plugin which actually does the job. If you really think mandrill is valuable then pay for it!

    This is not the kind of plugin reviews we need on here.

    I think Mandrills great. I’ve always been a paid user, but too many people expect quality results from “free” plugins and services.

    If you want great results, then put money into it so the devs can those great results worth your while. $10 a month is less then most people spend on coffee every week.

    The alternative is to go use another “free” service or use your own server. Don’t complain when it breaks… they probably don’t have support.

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