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  • That’s Polish – not Russian 🙂
    1. Delete it.
    2. Do you have any files/folder that are world writable? Like leaving template files chmod 666 or folder 777? Change the permissions.
    3. Contact your host – maybe they accessed the server through something else than your blog.

    Start by changing your password and review Admin > Users to make sure no unknown/undesired users are there.

    [Edit: Moshu’s faster and more thorough than I on this one!]

    Thanks for the help. I’m going through right now and cleaning stuff up as nicely as possible. I think I’m just going to download everything off of my server that’s important, delete everything and start from scratch with the latest version of wordpress. My sever is so old it’s like a cluttered desktop; I frankly don’t even remember what’s on there. Contacting my host asap.

    Please, be aware that deleting and backing up the files only – has nothing to do with your content! Your content (for the blog) is in the database.

    I was going to back up my database, download all the files that I needed, delete everything on the server, and then reinstall the latest wordpress and then go back and make sure I have folder permissions set to something secure. Is that a good course of action? I’ve put to much free cgi/php/perl scripts on that server that I’m sure it could be anyone of them. I have so many folders that might have writable permission that I think its best to start from scratch.

    Does this seem smart?

    Well, if you don’t need all that old stuff… then yes, a big clean up is always a healthy thing 🙂

    Re: upgrading WP. I see you are using WP 2.0. When starting again, first I’d install that version and make sure it works with the database. Then I’d upgrade. Sometimes the database structure is different between the versions, that’s why the versions should match.
    Old versions:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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