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[Resolved] I was Beta Updated

  • Hi nice people.

    This is my first post here and i have a little question about WordPress and Beta testing.

    I have my website viajaraargentinahoy.com.ar that was updated to WordPress 3.8-alpha-20131026 and i don’t know how it happened.

    I have 6 wordpress websites and that’s the only one that updated to Beta, i didn’t enable any option or installed any plugin to do that.

    I suspect it could be the translation language (i copied several files in LANGUAGE to translate it from English to Spanish), where should i find or disable this updates?

    “I suspect that, because i recieved an e-mail about the translation and it’s in spanish, so it doesn’t come from ENG WordPress core”.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • What’s different with that one? Is it the only one with a language?

    Actually isn’t. I’ve found that it have bbpress and spanish bbpress translation.

    I’d really like to know how is that enabled. :/

    Okay! I found it out!

    The spanish language pack team made a mistake that triggered the 3.8 alpha.

    It’s been fixed, so if you redownload 3.7 and the language pack, you’ll be fine. AND we’re putting in more failsafes.

    (Thank you @nacin)

    Yep i suspected something like that.

    Actually the problem is that i haven’t a backup of WordPress DB and FS.

    I’ll have to wait to the next realease T_T

    Anyway, i’ll reinstall the spanish language pack for bbpress and that’ll stop the updates (as you say).

    Thanks for help 😉

    You can install the 3.7 files over 3.8-alpha and you’ll be just fine.

    Well, i have news, i’ve downloaded the lastest translation from:


    And beta updates still enabled.

    It also broken my bbpress forum.

    BTW: Do you mean i can replace 3.7 WordPress core/fs in the actual one and it’ll come back?

    Thx in advance 🙂

    Good news, i’ve replaced all WP files with 3.7 and everything is working.

    tx Ipstenu !!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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