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  • I have tried a lot of table plugins over the last year or so, and I decided to use because it always you to show SQL data, which is a feature not many plugins offer. I really wanted to make the plugin work, but the software is such a mess that I had to make the decision to give up on it and all the work I had already put into it.
    Why is it so bad? Well, the main problem of the plugin is speed. It needs a lot of scripts and styles. And by a lot I mean well over 30 files. Some of them are pretty big. The script to export the table as a PDF has 1 MB! 1 MB! That’s just ridiculous. In addition, they embed the whole bootstrap package into your site. That’s so much more stuff for just a table! So, pages with are slow. And by slow I mean so painfully slow that they become virtually unusable on mobile devices. Say hello to loading times of 10+ seconds.
    As if this wasn’t enough, the functionality of the plugin isn’t even that great. Responsiveness is okay-ish, but to make a table look good on all devices takes a lot of manual adjustments. The CSS code is awkward and introduces weird design choices that, for example, break things if word length changes, when you translate things for example. I kind of had the feeling the devs didn’t really know how CSS worked. The backend options to modify the table and its data are limited. Ninja Tables wins in every single aspect if you compare them. There are shortcodes, but you cannot modify them in any way. So you can’t load tables with certain columns or filters modified. It looks like they made every effort to limit the functionality of wpdatatables.
    The unnecessary limitations baffled me and I’m so glad I made the decision to give up on this mess of a software.
    The support is okay, but there is only so much they can do with under these conditions.
    To put it short, don’t waste your time, you will so regret it later when you see what competitors can do.

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  • Plugin Author wpDataTables


    Hi sonnendieb,

    Thank you for honest opinion.

    Our plugin has a lot of functionality. Core of the wpdatatables are based on jQuery Datatables plugin and for the layout and front-end functionality of the table we are using bootstrap framework which requires more files to be included.

    Performance of the loading table and server-side process like filtering, sorting and editing depends on from few factors. If you are using complicated queries that are not optimize can produce slow filtering, sorting, editing or loading tables on page. Also, server-side processing depends on of server configuration (hosting, PHP version, MySQL…)

    Every customer have own requirement for customize table layout based on own or clients requests. Responsiveness is very easy to set which you can check on this link
    so we are not sure why you have so trouble.

    In back-end you have a lot of customize option for table functionality and also for layout which you can find all in our docs explain in video and text format.(Color and Font customization, Custom CSS and JS, Main and Table Settings…)

    Also, we can not agree with you about showing table columns and filters on front-end. You have a lot of settings for something like this: Visible on front-end(Hide columns), Advanced Filters, Predefined filters value, Pre-Filtered URL, Dynamic tables with placeholders…

    We constantly strive to make our product better, and deliver the most value for our end users – so please share your feedback on what features you need in next versions on this link

    The plugin author is right. You can customize almost any detail of function and display.
    To adapt google charts there is a callback function which enables me to add script adaptations to make the charts look the way I want. It is not simple and actually knowing how to write SQL and a little javascript is helpful, but you can get it to work. Page load times haven’t been a problem in my experience yet.

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