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  • Jill Caren


    I am a developer who only works with WordPress — I have over 100 clients on WordPress of varying skills. I downloaded Gutenberg over the weekend and really dug in as much as a could form a high level and just hate it.

    1) The interface is NOT intuitive – I could not even figure out how to make a simple page look good so how are clients supposed to.

    2) The drag and drop is sketch at best – I tried to move things and it would just not move or go back to its original spot. Also – there are layers so some things get blocked and are hard to grab.

    3) I kept getting an auto save feature — but it would auto save to a prior version even if I did not authorize it.

    4) I am not a fan of any page builders and avoid them like the plague – but I really do not understand the point of this if we have so many builders already out there that are MUCH more effective.

    5) My clients that I reached out to for feedback DO NOT WANT TO LEARN THIS! They do not have time to relearn WP — and as their developer they are depending on our team to teach them and update their websites to make sure it is Gutenberg friendly — so this is a lot of undue stress on our team for no reward.

    6) We use ACF Pro on all client websites so they can update their websites easily via custom fields….when I activated Gutenberg with ACF Pro the fields that are set to WYSiWYG editors are having issues in that there are no options for entering content (now I understand that ACF Pro has to still do some updates) — but this is BAD considering we use ACF Pro as a primary resource for development.

    This is without even really digging in to the more advanced things.

    This SHOULD NOT be included with CORE. If people want it – they should be able to use a plugin to get it.

    If you are insistent on making it CORE, then their should always be a way for developers to deactivate it so they are not forced into it.

    That is my concern right now since I cannot seem to validate if Gutenberg will always be able to be deactivated even when in WP 5?

    I get that this is open source and your team can do as they wish — but there are so many of us who just do not understand the purpose for this editor being in the core.

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  • s


    I completely agree with you!

    I agree. I have a few clients and they rely on me to teach them how to use WP. But this plugin is not user friendly and I couldn’t even figure it out. I’m pretty tech savy and can figure things out on the fly – Gutenberg, I couldn’t.

    I do know they are making available the TinyMCE (now: Classic Editor) as an option once they go live. But my quesiton. with a 2.4 rating, why are they still pushing this?

    I don’t get it.

    Thanks for the review. I tried it and didn’t like it either.

    There is a ‘disable Gutenberg’ plugin ready to go if they include in core.

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