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  • I had high hopes for this plugin in this strange world we live in where Tumblr blocks porn and Woo actually seems to have their **** together. Sadly—unlike most of Woo’s vastly improved recent offerings—WooCommerce Blocks was written with the same sloppy, lazy, bug-ridden style we would expect from Woo circa 2015.

    So much potential wasted on so simple a thing as not using WordPress 5’s built-in CSS classes. For example: the Products block had only to wrap in a single div and include the classes .wp-block-columns and .has-X-columns to function identically to the native WordPress Columns block. But nooooo, the folks at Woo had to nest it inside a redundant div and muck up the class formats (like .columns-X, really Woo?)…

    Shame on you Woo, shame on you.

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  • Plugin Contributor James Koster


    Earlier in the year we released version 1.0 of this plugin which included an all-in-one products block. The purpose of that release was to offer a block based UI for inserting the Products shortcode in it’s many permutations. Therefore all classes and markup are derived from core templates.

    We’re currently in the process of splitting that single block in to more manageable pieces.

    In the new year we plan to remove the dependency on the shortcode. At that point we can look in to things like css classes and markup.

    Please note that this is a feature plugin in rapid development. While stable and safe to use, it should not be considered a finished product.

    Thanks for the review, hopefully our upcoming releases will meet your approval.

    Thread Starter Chazz Layne


    Hi James, thanks for the quick response!

    Unfortunately, your response (and reading of my post) were performed with the same sloppy, lazy, bug-ridden style we would expect from Woo circa 2015… 🙂

    If you take a step back and actually read what I wrote in the OP, you’ll see that there are no issues with shortcode (which wasn’t even mentioned, nor present in the WP5 editor) and no problems at all with having all of the Wooness loaded up in a single block interface—quite the contrary in fact: the editor/block interface couldn’t be better and I’d hate to see that portion of the plugin change.

    Quite literally the only thing wrong with the plugin that I could find was the incorrect CSS classes used and erroneous redundant DIV present in the output. I’ve corrected this myself to make the plugin actually usable, but of course my changes will be overwritten at the next update unless Woo gets this fixed first. Correct those two little items and you’d be golden.

    …well that and enable the standard WP5 (Gutenberg) editor for products, it’s laughably absurd that you chose to disable it and have the audacity to claim Woo is “Gutenberg compatible”…but that’s a gripe for a separate plugin’s support forum.


    Holy Neckbeard Batman!
    If a few classes is causing you such distress, I hope you don’t actually do any development work.
    There’s no reason to be so rude about such a trivial fix that is part of a major version overhaul. Show me your github, I want to see your enlightened code.

    Thread Starter Chazz Layne


    Ah, I see @mayorchapstick, you’re stressed out keyboard cowboying makes perfect sense now. That must be absolute torture re-applying all the misguided modifications you made to core plugin coding on every single plugin you use every time an author releases an update. (You do know that’s how it works, right?)

    Here’s another tip for you sport: start adopting best practices. You’ll find your life far less stressful, and your schedule will be free to run around trolling bad developers to your heart’s content.

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