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  • to create a site kind of like this.

    It has user options to be able to upload images that are put into moderation.

    Do I have to keep the dashboard for users? Most of the info is irrelevant to them. How can I go about just making a front page?

    I’m not clueless when it comes to html, but im just lost when it comes to editing which files and what needs edited.

    Blogging is TOTALLY new to me so be gentle.

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  • To create a regular front page for the live site, you can take index.php (from your site’s theme, not any of the other index.php files) and make a copy of it, saved as home.php.

    Then take everything in the content div that you don’t want (leave the calls for the header, footer, sidebar, etc.) and replace it with “static” stuff.

    As far as the dashboard goes, you can most certainly (and carefully) edit it. All those files are in the wp-admin folder.

    Modifying the Dashboard by-hand is kind of a pain though, because everytime they update WP you have to re-do your changes. I think there are other ways to do it, check into a couple plugins like WP-Dash and WP-Admin.

    Thanks guys

    Im not sure where the content div is.

    Im sorry for my lack of not understanding, I wish I knew what I was talking about, lol

    There’s a WP Plug-in called “Ditch the Dashboard” which is a very simple way to completely eliminate the tedious dashboard.

    Does the site I referenced seem like WP can do?

    WP can do anything. It’s a matter of where your level of knowledge can take you with it, and how patient you are to learn what you need to know, that’s all. 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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