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  • Just a simple question.

    I designed a way to put a simple drop down menu in a Word Press Theme. Word Press lacks a simple easy dropdown menu for pages.

    See my site for a sample of my dropdown.

    I was thinking of releasing a free plugin but I want to automate it. I know how to insert it in the code, but most people do not. Right now, people would have to insert the code manually into the header area. Adding in CSS and Javascript links in the header.

    I tried an add_filter command

    add_filter(get_header, my_function)

    where I hoped to use a

    str_replace(‘</head>’, ‘ … link codes … </head>’, $text)

    to add in the CSS and Javascript links

    but then I realized that add filter works for info in the database.

    get_header() seems ONLY be a dolled up include statement, in which case I am out of luck.

    Quick Question: Is the calling up of the header something which can be amended by and add_filter function or is it a straight include or require function, in which case, I am forced to release the plugin as a manual plugin?

    This could mean the difference between a nice plugin everyone can use or a plugin available only to nerds.

    Again, here is the plugin in action ON TWO sites I did.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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