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  • At demo page.. each circle represents one post.

    The circle named:” post format test: gallery” show us a picture about little bottles ..but inside the post this picture is not showed in the gallery.
    How can I do this?. I want to upload a featured image to the post but also I want to create a gallery post format whitout the picture previoussly asigned to featured image.

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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    When you upload the featured image, don’t upload it from within the post itself — upload it to the Media Library via Media -> Add New before you set it as featured.

    Hi Caroline.
    It does not work. If I try to upload a new imagen by using “add new” to the media gallery, I can see it at media library, but then I can not use the image to assign it as featured image or even as one of the pictures in gallery of the post.

    I only can assign an image to a post ( as part of the gallery or as featured image) if I do it by editing the post.

    When I set a new image to the a gallery ( in a post formated as gallery) it becomes featured imaged even is there is one picture asigned before.

    Any idea?

    Thank you..very very much

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    You only need to upload the image to the Media Library — then you can assign it to the post as a Featured Image using the post edit screen, as usual.

    Uploading it through the Media Library rather than directly to the post should prevent it from becoming “attached” to the post, which is why it’s showing in the gallery.

    Thank you again.

    I can upload an image to the media library, but if I try to assign it to the post as a featured image using the post edit screen it does not appears at the post.

    I have the same problem if I upload an image to the media library and I try to assign to the post to be used as one of the pictures that are showed at the gallery of the post.

    Thank yoi for yor help

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Sorry, I guess I’m unclear as to what you’re trying to accomplish. I explained above how I was able to set a Featured Image on a post, without it appearing in the same post’s gallery of attached images, which is how I did it on the demo site.

    You should be able to set a Featured Image from the post edit screen regardless of where the image was originally uploaded, so either something’s wonky with your install, or you’re not in the correct place. Maybe the instructions here will help.

    Posts with the Gallery format will only display the post’s attached images in the gallery, so you need to ensure you upload them directly to the post, or attach them via the Media Library’s “Attach” links.

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help that you are giving to me.

    I donĀ“t know what is wrong . I tried to upload an image directly to the post and I can do it,but the image is also display as featured image and it change the featured imageg previosly asigned ( like there is not featured image assigned before).

    Like I explained above, I can upload to the Media Library any image that I want, but when I try to assign one of them to the post ( even to a non post gallery format) the selected image is not displayed at the post.

    Thank you again

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