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  • I finally decide to put my poetry online, is it a lot and I said to myself, what the heck, let’s do this.

    Now, I want one thing, that would be amazing if someone has an idea on how to do so, I WANT VISITORS TO BE ABLE TO USE MY POEMS (the whole poem or just a portion) to make printable postcards like, or e-cards or just a image with a message (the poem), to be able to use my gallery or upload their image, but using my poetry if they want.

    The result would be a *jpg or image format with the text imbued in the image.

    User would be able download the print-ready-image in <<greeting cards fromat>> or <<postcards>> or save them as image to send it via email.

    Any Ideas? Oh yeah, my website is fairly new and is in testing phase but here it is

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