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    Good evening!

    For example… search for this in Google: “pizza hut kids eat free” – and you’ll come across the blog page: – which is about 5th of 6th down the page as I write.

    The problem is I want to remove my blog name from the top line of the SERPs result – so it just has the title of the blog post – and not the blog name so it changes from:

    1. Blogging With Dr P… » Pizza Hut – Kids Eat Free – Honest!


    2. Pizza Hut – Kids Eat Free – Honest!

    Apologies if this is a basic question and has been answered elsewhere. I have searched the forums etc. but never found anything.

    Oh yes – I want to do this for all blog posts – not just this one.

    Thanks for the help in advance.


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  • esmi


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    You’ll need to edit your theme’s header.php file and amend the way in which the <title></title> tag content is being generated on single post pages.


    Thanks for the speedy reply! 🙂

    Okay – in my header.php I have this:

    <title><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?><?php wp_title(); ?></title>

    If I remove this bit:<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> – will that do it, and will it have any effect on anything else?





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    <title><?php if( is_home() || is_front_page() ) bloginfo('name');
    else wp_title(); ?></title>

    That will output your blog name on your home page but just the page title everywhere else.


    I’ll give it a go and let you know….
    …. but…. although this will put my blog name on my home page but just the page title everywhere else….. will this also change the SERPs results and remove the blog name from the title of the search results?

    And finally, (as I’m no expert with coding etc!) – I didn’t really want to change the way the blog looks, i.e. I didn’t want to remove the blog name from the individual blogs posts when you view the blog post in the browser – I just wanted to remove the blog name from the SERPs results.

    Is there any way of just doing that as opposed to removing the blog name from the blog post?

    And thanks again for all your help here! :O)




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    At the end of the day, you cannot dictate what Google shows and what it doesn’t. The <title> tag suggests what you would like shown by Google. There’s no way to ask Google to show one thing but show visitors another. Google will always adopt the “visitor’s view” of your site. That’s one reason why it’s so successful as a search engine – it attempts to replicate human behaviour & priorities.

    Wonderful answer. Well explained. Thank you very much.

    I shall go and try out your recommendations.



    @send2paul, how did this solution work for you?

    I have the same problem.

    There must be a way to prevent your blog’s title from showing at the start on the search engine results page (SERP).

    For example, a Google search for “7 predictions for future of computers” shows my page as the first result (with my damned blog title at the front), but every other result does not show the website or blog title before the page title.

    For a second example, search “Copyblogger writing” and the SERP shows each post’s page title first –e.g., “How to Write Magnetic Headlines | Copyblogger.”

    Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

    Kevin – hi.

    I’ll be brutally honest here – I haven’t had the time to try anything as yet. It got a bit hectic in the “offline” world recently….lol… but I’ll be experimenting with this soon! ;O)


    I found the solution!

    Install the WordPress plugin “All in One SEO Pack.”

    The plugin’s default format for post titles is:

    "%post_title% | %blog_title%"

    You don’t have to change any of the plugin’s settings or edit any code.

    You will see the SERP changes in a day or so.

    Genius Kevin! Absolute genius!

    I saw the results on your page results for the example above (7 Predictions etc).

    Well done! And thanks a million for sharing this! :O)


    p.s. I do believe this query and thread is now well and truly “RESOLVED” ;o)

    Paul, it’s nice when these things have a simple solution. 🙂

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