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    Currently iam using the vantage theme and site origin page builder have unticked the masthead bottom margin (under site setting)and added this custom css .page-id #mastead { margin-bottom: 0px; } but neither has worked I want to remove the white space margin between menu and hero image i hope to get your support

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  • Hi @jo12link

    Thanks for reaching out. Please, can you post a link so we can take a look at the problem.

    sorry for taking long this is the also the hero image i uploaded is not displaying

    Thanks. There is no masthead margin present that I can see. The page title and sidebar are flush against the menu, the margin has been removed.

    Go to Pages and edit your home page. Ensure the Template drop-down on the right is set to Default. Then, use Page Settings to remove the Page Title and set the Layout to No Sidebar. The Custom CSS you mentioned can be removed.

    Not sure why the Hero image isn’t displaying, the image hasn’t outputted into the source code. Try checking the widget, ensure you’ve added a background image.

    Thank u for your help how can i remove white margin between the main menu and the hero image i want to remove that small white space i added the background image the background display tiled image but the image is not displaying under the Hero frames i left one flame forthat image but it is not displaying you can check on the link i sent u

    The row has 25px padding top and bottom. Edit the row by clicking the wrench icon far right then Edit Row > Layout, check the Padding settings.

    Please, can you download the page’s layout, upload to Dropbox or similar and send me the link. Go to Pages, edit the page, click Layouts > Import/Export > Download Layout bottom right. Thanks.

    Sorry for taking long i have tried same options disabling all non site origin plugins and re enabling one by one , tried clearing cache , disabling fittext setting i treid all these but it failed to show

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    Super, thanks. We’ll take a look ASAP.

    I quickly want to mention this line:

    i have tried same options disabling all non site origin plugins and re enabling one by one

    The goal of a plugin conflict test is to see if the problem changes with all non-SiteOrigin plugins deactivated. If the problem is fixed with all non-SiteOrigin plugins deactivated only then would you reactivate plugins one by one. After each activation, you’d check to see if the problem reoccurred in order to find the conflicting plugin. However, reactivating plugins one by one as an act on its own won’t achieve anything. I’m pointing this out because it’s a really common plugin conflict misconception.

    So, did the problem resolve when you deactivated all non-SiteOrigin plugins? If the answer is “no” then the plugin conflict test failed and you can reactivate all plugins in one go.

    Please, can you send another link for the Dropbox file. The link above, unfortunately, isn’t a publicly accessible “share” link.

    it is set every one can view i dont know why it has failed check on this it never resolved i tried the above option

    Hi. Are you perhaps copying the Dropbox link directly from the address bar in your browser? Please, can you rather get the share link. To test the Dropbox link above, try signing out of your Dropbox account.

    check on this link if it works

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    Thanks. Please, can you tell us how you created this export. A Page Builder export should be a .json file. Did you go to the page in question, click on Layouts > Import/Export and then Download Layout in the bottom right corner?

    I can import this using the regular WP import method but it won’t translate into a Page Builder layout. If possible, please, edit the page in question, go to Layouts > Import/Export and download the layout. Thanks 🙂

    i exported using wp emport method and isaved the file in XML

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    No problem. In order to import your Page Builder layout we need a JSON export. Please, can you take a quick read above. I’ve gone over how to export a Page Builder layout. Thanks.



    the layout i am using is consultant layout this the link

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