• Just over 6 months ago I inherited the role of family archivist after a cousin suddenly passed away. He had spent the last 20 years scanning and hosting a prolific collection of family photos, and I suddenly needed to download, archive, and somehow reshare them with the world, as well as take on the mantle of adding to the archive. As a very busy Product Manager I had two criteria: 1) a self-hosted vanilla install of the latest wordpress and 2) some (cheap-ass) plugin or service that would allow me to manage the 4000+ image collection via metadata/keywords. I didn’t think I’d find something as elegant as WP/LR Sync! It allows me to use Lightroom Classic (the only thing that comes close to being able to manage the collection like the enterprise DAM platforms I’m used to, or like, you know, Lightroom Classic). Jordy has done an extraordinary job layering on his plugins without code bloat. Each plugin has a very narrow scope, does just what it needs to do, and has a very clear purpose. Aside from the synced publishing, being able to take advantage of the keyword organization available in LrC in WP is a game changer no other platform can touch. I have now installed most of Jordy Meow plugins, some of them even the PRO version! I’m obsessed! I’ll have to write much shorter reviews for my favorites.

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    Thank you so much @bhead! That’s such an amazing review, really made my say! I hope you’ll love my other plugins just as much 🙂

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