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  • Hello,

    I’m looking into making a niche social network / intranet, a site with the functionality of Facebook, but with more focus on collaboration and marketing eachothers businesses and interests.

    I’m would really appreciate it if any of you have any tips and suggestions for me, or can guide me to where I can find tutorials and examples of how I can do this with WordPress. I’m currently using Boonex Dolphin, but it’s kind of limited when it comes to what I want to accomplish.

    So, I’m thinking to have these functionalities for the website:

    * Paid membership, different levels, monthly and annually.

    Possibility of individual:
    * profiles
    * blogs
    * stores


    Maybe I would like a multisite, with subdomains, and sitewide forum and wiki and e-store, where each individual member can have their own subdomain with their own forums, wikis, groups and store. And members of the network are members of the whole network, but have to sign up to become a member of the individual sub-sites. Also, it must be possible for the site admin to control permissions for individual sites, and admins of sub-sites to do the same, delete users, ban users etc.

    I want members to be able to work in teams and cooperate on projects and share and edit documents. Maybe in team groups or workspace areas, where they can have their own blog, wiki and forum and store.

    Is this possible with WordPress and for what price? I’m looking into other options, hoping I don’t have to invest in software like, DotNetNuke or Kentico..

    I’m really curious what u guys have to say about this. I’ve taken many options into considerations!


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  • Sounds like you want to use WordPress Multisite with the BuddyPress plugin and multiple BuddyPress social networks.

    There’s a BuddyPress wiki plugin out there somewhere, along w/ some BuddyPress membership and store plugins.

    Best wishes to you.

    Thanks, that was just what I was thinking myself 🙂 Thanks for confirming it 🙂

    What kind of hosting would I need, and what price range?

    I’m aiming for something similar to Edublogs, but:

    Paid regular membership (all members of site is included in this)
    -Access to
    o Own profile
    § Post status updates
    § Post pictures and links
    § Add friends
    § Chat
    o Own Blog
    o Sitewide wiki
    o Sitewide forum for discussions
    o Sitewide store
    o Collaborate on projects with other members, share files, documents etc., like a Intranet

    Extra paid business membership (for people with own business)
    -Own “separate” sub-domain for own business info (other sitewide members can sign-up to become members)
    o Own Blog
    o Own Forum
    o Own Wiki
    o Own Store
    o Collaborate on projects with other members of sub-domain, share files, documents etc., like a Intranet

    You can do all that on shared hosting. But if you’re having stores, you want to consider at least a VPS (possibly dedicated hosting) in order to have the proper SSL certs for protection.

    What kind of hosting generally boils down to traffic/usage, though.

    So, I can have a multisite on shared hosting? :/

    You can, sometimes. Depends on the shared host. It’s not ideal, IMO, for anything other than a small personal Multisite install-

    But, as Ipstenu eluded to, if you’re going to have a decent amount of traffic/usage, you’ll want to be on at least a VPS. If you don’t want to deal with some of the management work for this, check out some of the WordPress managed hosts (you can do a search online). Prices are going to start out between $50 – $100.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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