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  • I want to know how to add a downloadable ebook to my site.I have read that putting a free ebook or giveaway on your site can help attract visitors?

    So I would like to add an ebook or video series where visitors can download the ebook for free.

    could someone please give me some simple step by steps please including how I add aan image on my wordpress blog for people to click in to download the book.



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  • likely just use a text widget for the sidebar
    admin – appearance – widgets

    code similar to
    <a href=""><img alt="download ebook" src="" width="200" height="100" /></a>

    change appropriate stuff

    I agree with samboll. Also upload the ebook file to your root directory using your ftp before adding the code above to your sidebar.

    So to double check

    I mean once I have my free ebook to give away

    I have to load it into my cpanel using my ftp program

    Then use the code above and put that in a text widget

    Then how do I get an image? I am giving away a word press guide??

    im still confused I would be grateful if someone could give me the steps right from beginning to end to getting my downloadable ebook on my site.

    In newbie steps to.

    can someone help me on this?? I would be so grateful




    You just need to upload the ebook a\image in your domain and apply the path in the book image code..default in code is:;

    Which you need to apply accordingly where you up;load the image


    Shane G.

    hi guys

    I am really still not getting it

    I have a free ebook to giveaway

    I have Aweber

    I have wordpress

    Now I am told I also need a sqeezepage and I need an image for my ebook giveaway

    I just need simple instructions from start to finish on how to add a downloadable product to my blog.

    including where to host it
    where to get an image for it
    how to put a link in the image so people will click on it and instantly get the ebook.

    I just need a step by step from start to finish anyone know where i can get it from??



    Was this ebook a real book? Just take a picture of the front of the book.

    Upload the ebook, probably a pdf file, to you site using ftp.
    Upload the picture of the cover, as a jpg or gif, to you site using ftp.

    Add a text widget to one of your sidebars.

    Add the following code to your text widget.

    <img alt=”download ebook” src=”; width=”200″ height=”100″ />

    If you have any more questions, let me know.

    BTW, I don’t think you need a squeeze page, if the product is free. If you want to make a bigger deal out of the give away, try making a post about it, and setting a date in the future. Have a release date that you mention several times in different posts. If you have a budget, you can advertise it. However, still, you are ultimately give the book away, so you don’t will have much hard coding work. The person does not have to use pay pal or anything.


    Is it possible to password-protect my blog?

    I know this sounds crazy–why have a blog if you don’t want anyone to see it? Well, I just do.

    Is this a cPanel issue, or is there a way to limit viewing of posts and other things on the blog to those who have the password?


    Hi all thanx for the replies although I am still not clear what to do.

    Yes please Caalip I would like some simple instructions from start to finish because I just aint getting it.

    I have an image of my book– do I just upload it to a new text widget in my sidebar??

    I have my video files/ebooks– I understand I have to upload these to my cpanel using my ftp program.

    Once I have the image in my sidebar how can I put a link in the image so people can click on the image and get the ebook sent to them automatically after they have opted in?

    <img alt=”download ebook” src=”; width=”200″ height=”100″ />

    this text above you sent me what do I have to change in it??

    ARGGGHH this has taken me all weekend and I have got no where.

    can someone please help before I jack it in.


    Are you there caalip??? or anyone else


    It is possible. Check out, .htaccess. Your site probably already has an .htaccess file in you site directory. Just change the settings in it. It will set up a password protection, like the one you have for cpanel. I can not give you step by step on that, because I have yet to do it right, but there are tutorials online. (A google search will find like a thousand, or something.)


    1) Upload both the picture, and the ebook. Use cpanel or ftp. (Or whatever came with your webhost.)

    2) Note the file location of the picture and ebook.

    3) Make a side bar text widget.

    4) Add the following code to your text widget.

    <a href=""><img alt="download ebook" src="" width="200" height="100" /></a>

    5) hit save

    I will be on later. Good luck.

    Hi Marcus,

    Are you still in need of a clear, definitive answer?

    Marcus or Harnessing

    Marcus, I’ve been fighting this battle off and on for several months. I’ve had some good sources to gather information from and I’m beginning to discern that because a blog is a group of items instead of a static page that the ftp process works differently.

    I created the pages, I have the aWeber text, I know how to do the text widgets but I cannot figure out where to ftp the information to so that it will show up as the first page on my blog. Like you I want to use that page to offer a free report to gather email addresses toward an affiliate marketing business.

    There has to be a way to do it because you see it all over the Internet Marketing systems on the net – unless those are all static web pages and not blogs.

    My next choices will be outsourcing – I found a person there that says they can do it but I didn’t have the money at the time. I’ll find out about that next week. Google Outsourcing and you’ll have some choices.

    The other point here is that you definitely cannot do this with


    Marcus you probably have the answer by now.What i noticed though is that people did not tell you that you first need to upload the file (jpeg/pdf etc) to your media tab in your wordpress dashboard-it is then crunched -than you need to click on the image within your media pallette and it will then show you your full url web address of this image or pdf etc that you wish to then paste in the code everyone above has given to you!
    I believe that was the piece of the puzzle you were looking for.Bear in mind i have my wordpress hosted with godaddy and my installment was automatic-i do believe if you follow my instructuions it should work for you though-best wishes Alex



    I too have been having the same problem, as well as getting an Amazon aStore on a page. I found an eBook online called “How to Sell eBook from WordPress”. Can’t remember the link, but I found in in a Bing search. They say if you buy the WP eStore Plug In it will make your life easier and it will also secure your eBook from being hacked and stolen. It’s $40. Again, just search Bing. I’m going to give it a shot over the weekend. Oh! I’m sure you can put it on there for no charge this way too. I’d try to make a bit of money and at least sell it for $.99-2.99. It makes people think it’s something worthwhile to them.

    I’m a newbie and I don’t know a FTP from a PHP, but I’m learning!

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