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  • First off, I’m still new. Secondly, I did a search and I’m not sure if I got *exactly* the answer I’m looking for. Have patience;-)

    I want a generic HTML page when people visit my URL. Then they click the button or whatever and go to my WP blog.

    1) I already have WP installed in the root of my server. Will I have to move it to a subfolder to do this?

    2) I understand the .htaccess file “decides” which “index” file is show first when people type in the URL. But somewhere it was mentioned that the server host needs to ALSO modify the htaccess file too? Anyone know if GoDaddy will do this or if I can do it myself?

    If I’ve done my homework right, it seems I can plop an index.html file in my WP directory, update my .htaccess file and that’s it…or am I missing something?

    Breaking is a part of learning but if I break my blog again I will be so sad.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • If your host is configured for PHP, then index.php should be there in the http.conf’s DirectoryIndex directive already. You shouldn’t need a .htaccess for it at all.

    Create a hello world PHP file and call it index.php and see what happens.


    echo (‘Hello World’);


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