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  • i want to install my own blog program (wordpress) but i don’t want to use a hosted service. i have no need for emails or message boards, etc. where do i go shopping only to lease server space. where i went looking online,they all seem to be hosted services. can someone give me direction. i have been spinning around looking for a place for my blog.

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  • to lease server space = hosting service.

    there’s enough hosts who have really cheap (even free) plans. though, I’d recommend going with something with a well-known entity if you care at all about your blog.

    the ‘hosting’ tab at the top of this site lists some hosts. I checked out most of them and ended up at (not on the list, but I’ve liked it so far..) last month after a few years of being unhappy with my original choice of hosting.


    look up the hosting requirements for installing wordpress

    you need to buy server space from a host that offers MySQL database and PHP, for example. also compare the amount of bandwidth the host offers for the price, it varies widely.

    I understand you don’t want a “hosted WordPress” but you’re looking to buy server space, also called, a web host

    i want to thank everyone who has replied to my question.

    Look at I’ve used them for years and they’re quite good. VERY inexpensive webhosting. I pay just under $10/month and I can host 10 domains. Some are mine, some are legit businesses. You can easily make back 2 or 3 times what you pay them in fees for hosting other sites. Or just have a bunch of your own sites. They have a built-in widget for WordPress blogs, although it’s version 1.5. But I had no problem upgrading using the WordPress How-To docs. You also get MySQL support there. Plus great email allowances and service. Check ’em out.

    ronam … i can help you out .. i can create space on my personal web server for you … it is online 24/7 … you will full FTP and control panel access .. with pleny of space …

    wow… hyperactive is right… offering up this “great” hosting service of his… all over the forums!

    funny though. seems that hyperactive’s hosting plan is a complete ripoff.

    can we get this guy moderated?

    Check out (where I finally moved to, and have been pretty happy), or any of the hosts listed at You’ll find their deals are all competitive.

    Cheaper hosting than like 6-8/mo generally means overloaded servers or lesser support. Site5 seems to have found a pretty good balance, IMHO. I’ve yet to find a host into the 15-20/mo range that didn’t have other issues once I looked a little deeper. is a good place to research this topic further. 😉


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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