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  • I have a WP project I need to launch soon, and I’ve hit a couple of snags. Specifically, I’m running Apache 1.3.3, so I can’t use %category% in permalinks. I need to. I’m also having trouble with the Dashboard (at least) breaking on a root install of 1.5.x. I need that resolved, but the %category% issue is my first priority.

    If you can resolve these issues for me, let’s talk. Contact me at wpjob @ the URL in my signature below with a rate, your phone number, and an assurance that you have the skill (and some idea of how) to resolve my issues.

    I’m in a time crunch–after running two WP sites for years, I had no expectation of encountering this issues on my third–and I need the installation functional within a week.


    Pariah S. Burke

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  • there was a plugin released in the last week to fix %category% it was announced in this forum

    Thanks, Unteins. I just tried that plug-in, though it doesn’t work on my site. Instead of a server 404 error I get a WP 404–which is progress, but not a solution yet. I’ll see if my message to the plug-in author gets me any help.

    I’m still in need of help with root install issues like the dashboard.

    Folks, the project I’m working on will be an ongoing and evolving project. I need launch help now, again, for which I’m happy to pay, but I’m also looking to build a relationship with a programmer who can help build new features and customize existing ones as my project moves along.

    I’ve been hacking my WP installations for years, but my skillset with WP, PHP, and Apache only extends so far. I need a professional backup to take on what I can’t to answer the immediate and occasional future needs of a for-profit, WP-based website.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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