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  • bencrox


    It was an accident. I made a svn update, backed up my files, then merged the whole thing by using wp-admin/upgrade.php . Hey! guy, I forgot to backup my database! Orz….

    Actually I can recover the db from an auto-backup made yesterday. Yes, I am such a backup intensive nut. And I am investigating the upgrade-*.php in order to make a script. But I hope there would be one set of downgrade script form developers. I am far from professional or carefully.

    You shall let people regret and step back with ease, and people would have the gut to go on.

    What made me panic, is about the admin panel layout. If you can read traditional Chinese, you may find my comment on blog .

    In brief, I find the Dynamic sideboxes, about categories and etc., collapsed. I cannot edit things governed by those boxes. It might be my own browser’s problem, so please check it at your own risk, or forget it.

    I dont like the textbox being so “dynamic and parsed” as well. Pressing backspace made it scrolled too much… But as a matter of taste, others wont be bothered as I do.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    You can’t.

    A 1.5.2 db has 9 tables on install.
    A 1.6 has 10.

    I would use all your backups ……..




    Yes I do, and lost 1 comment …. but it restarts fine.

    And I make another 1.6-ALPHA-2-still-dont-use to do investigations. Still being fun. The sideboxes are good, if I can expand them properly. Well… are they supposed to be collapsed to save space?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I have some svn installs – but they are nowhere near my main blog 🙂

    As for the sideboxes, space I don’t know but I thought their state was remembered ?

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