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  • In the old version, you could simply click a link in one of the Dashboard menus and disable your live site while you work on it. Where the heck has it gone? I’ve spent 30 minutes on the forums and my site trying to figure this out and am getting a little frustrated.
    Can anyone help?
    I simply want to block anyone being able to see my site while I work on getting it ready, and then make it live.

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  • esmi


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    Thanks so much Esmi. Really appreciate it. Will give it a go.

    Once I have installed the plug in and activated it, how do I get it to work.
    It’s not coming up in my dashboard as a menu item – ????
    Hope you can help.
    Thanks again.


    Which maintenance mode plugin did you install and activate?

    It was WP Maintenance Mode.

    Hi KellieM,

    It should appear in your list of plugins. From there, you can click on Settings in order to apply the appropriate settings to meet your needs.

    Hi Mar1965
    This is a complicated plugin. It’s not simple to use and I’m not a techno. Should just be a button that says – Put In Maintenance Mode – and then click YES or something like that. I can’t figure the thing out. I’ve changed the date and updated it, have no idea what True/False is about. Perhaps I will change to a very basic one.
    Do you know a VERY VERY basic one that you can recommend that an IT dummie like me can use for this function?

    Hi Mari1965
    Don’t worry, I think I have found a basic one and it’s working now. Thanks heaps.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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