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  • lyncoop


    Note: I am requesting a transfer if possible!

    WordPress.ORG does not host any sites, nor register any domain names. Perhaps you need to be on the WordPress.COM forums? See: and

    In that case,



    I have read everything there is to read regarding the .com/.org bologna and I it has only further escalated my furry!

    My domain name ( was purchased through google I want to TRANSFER it from wordpress to weebly (

    I created a website with Weebly and need to point my domain to their servers. Can you set this up for me or walk me through the process of making these changes? I need to create A-Records for “www” and for my root domain. That’s one record for “www” pointing to And one record for the root domain pointing to
    If you need more info on these changes, please see:



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    you need to contact your hosting company to help with setting up the redirection. only provides the free download of the software and is not involved in domains or hosting.

    if you need to export your existing data, review

    lyncoop I have exactly the same problem as you!

    my brother and I decided to set up an online store together as we were both made redundant from our jobs. he setup with wordpress whilst I did the admin stuff for the business.

    now he’s got a job and I am left with a website which needs code to do anything with. I do not understand computers at all. At 50 years old I’m finding it very hard to learn this wordpress stuff. I have tried wix, weebly, squarespace and DEFINITELY wordpress is not for people who don’t know how to code.

    I want to shut down my website with wordpress, get rid of the domain name and get my money back for the domain name.

    also wordpress’s updating of software is terrible. I have logged into a blank screen. I have downloaded the wordpress 3.8 but now need to get a PhD in IT to understand how to upgrade my present version of WordPress.
    I would never recommend wordpress to anyone but someone very experienced with code.

    @adilhash – what is the site URL?

    Also note that WordPress.ORG does not charge for anything so you cannot get any refunds from WordPress (unless you are talking about WordPress.COM in which case you are on the wrong forums – but even there you cannot get refunds on domain names).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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