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  • Hi Ariela,

    I have successfully installed WP-clap.

    As it is old (and probably abandoned?) but still working, it would like to improve and continue development. I already made a German translation, but I am currently not able to commit to the repository.

    Please add me as a developer and committer, so I can contribute to this plugin.

    Ingo (openmindculture)

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  • Hi Ingo

    Would indeed be nice to have some continuation for this plugin.
    I found a fork on Github (, but none of both here and Github are working and are giving errors.

    Did you published already your version somewhere?

    grz, stof

    Hi Stof

    thought I did but probably I forgot (or gave up because I had no write access to WP SVN). But I actually started refactoring to use the code in a project last year, so I’ll find my code, so I can commit and push to github soon.
    I will let you know once I did.

    Best regards,

    Hi again,
    I have merged all the stuff I found: the github fork and WP svn (probably both still version 1.0) with the installed version 1.5 after downloading by “add plugin” in wordpress admin, plus my own patches (compatibility with current WP 4.x and a patch to allow display of only one sum of all claps by all clappers).

    Unfortunately, I am not 100% sure about the compatibility patches, as they got mixed up with the rest of the merge. But my counting patch is marked in the code and has a distinct commit, so if you do not want to keep that latest patch, you might just take the tag “1.5” for an official update.

    To test my merges, I installed WP-Clap in my WordPress 4.9.6 and then updated all files with the patched versions,
    successfully tested the merged version with default plugin settings in my WordPress 4.9.6 installation. Here is a test page:

    Here is the merged code on github

    and finally a pull request to the original mirror branch:

    Hope that helps!
    If you have any specific questions, just ask!

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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