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    I want to change the home page content area. Right now it displays excerpts of the latest posted articles. The slider images correspond to these excerpts that are displayed. Even if I change the Settings to display the home page as a static page these excerpts are still displayed … so apparently some php code is overwriting this ability. Any ideas where to adjust code so I can be allowed to display static content rather than these excerpts? This is obviously a unique feature built into the code by D5 creations. I just want the article excerpts to appear on the Articles page NOT on the home page. You will be a hero if you can figure this out.

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  • When I click on the “home” link on any other page, it does not take me back to the homepage. How do I fix this?

    @cbhsoloist Go to the static page which you want to be the home page and change the page template. Hope that helps.
    Let me know if you cant succeed.

    @zebra – That doesnt work. All it does is create a duplicate of the already existing home page body. Something is coded (in PHP I am guessing) that overrides any changes like this, because the excerpts found on the home page correspond to the slider, perhaps? I am very close to abandoning this theme, buying some software and designing my own theme template. Thanks for your thoughts. Other ideas? I love the theme otherwise, but this is disappointing.

    @hawleys – you need to create a separate thread for this question. Are you using Small Business theme?

    Yes, I am using small business theme. thanks for your help.

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    @sbhuvan? Please do not solicit work on these forums. This is a self-help forum and that behavior is actively discouraged.

    @cbhsoloist try temporarily switching to the Twenty Twelve theme and repeating that static page attempt with that theme.

    The reason I’m making that suggestion is that the static page normally works but I’m not familiar with the Small Business theme and want to see it it’s the theme or not.

    @jan — thanks for the idea. Apparently the issue is in the theme itself. I can get the static page to work when I switch themes. So .. is this a functions.php thing within Small Business?

    @hawleys – please start a new thread to get assistance with your issue. Make sure to place a link to your site in the post to help out whoever is looking over the issue with you. There are some smart folks out there who will certainly help out. I am not one of them, sorry! 🙂

    @cbhsoloist I would love to start a new threat but am having trouble doing that. Not sure how. Ugh.

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    Let me help you: click this link below and you can fill out a form to start your own thread regarding the Small Business theme.

    It works. Trust me. 😉

    Edit: And once again Andrew beat me to it. 🙂

    @cbhsoloist Hello I have resolved the issue.

    Please go through the following link.

    According the template hierarchy if the template name is given as front-page.php it will override the settings in dashboard and force to load that page.

    SO just rename the template name as home.php.
    This is will surely work.

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