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  • Everything works great i uploaded to my site so its I added 2 posts and all seems to be working, but I want it to be at so I switched it to that in the admin section and clicked on view page, and it is just a blank page. How do I fix or get around that. Does it have to be outside of that folder to work or something?

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  • Did you move your WordPress installation up to that directory? That is, take everything in blog/wordpress/ and “reinstall” it in blog/.

    Well can I move everything from the wordpress folder and put it in the blog folder, what i mean is your software (when unzipped) has it broken down into files like admin.php, admin-footer.php, and then there is the wordpress folder, can all these files co-exist while changing the directories, or do they need to stay in their structured “tree”

    Also, there is an index.php in main directory and in wordpress

    I’m still a little confused after reading all these this.

    • Let’s say my domain is
    • I’ve installed WordPress into
    • I want the blog to live in

    Can I place the index.php file in and run the WordPress files out of, or do they need to be along the same path for this to work?

    Go into the admin panel and change in the Options the 2 URIs from to >
    Open your FTP client and rename the wordpress folder to blog on your server.
    Now you can open and see the blog in a browser!

    Thanks for posting the solution, I had the same problem myself a few months ago, and ended up deleting my whole db!

    So much for trying to keep things simple… 😉

    Thanks for the quick answer, moshu, but I didn’t give the whole story so I could try to keep the question simple. The longer story is that I have a blog created in MT at and a new install of WP in I want to leave all the MT files where they are and run WP over it without having to move my WP installation into the directory, or into a subdirectory of it.

    Hence the simplistic question: Can I run index.php in Folder A while WP is installed in Folder B when the folders are on separate paths? It didn’t work for me and I’m thinking it’s because they need to be in the same path. Do they?

    *Never* DO THAT!!
    There will always be a workaround. 🙂

    Dangit. I gave up on trying to do it my way and now I’m trying it the FAQ’s way (wordpress directory as subdirectory of root where index.php is located) and it still isn’t working. Here’s my error:

    Warning: main(./wp/wp-blog-header.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/deadpan/public_html/pie/index.php on line 4

    Suggestions, anyone?

    Nevermind. Apparently the fix was “You have to edit and upload the index.php file 37 times.”

    Who knew?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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