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  • Greetings,
    I want to build an encyclopedia of sound where users post their recordings. These recordings become the basis of the content. As you know most of the world knowledge is carried via oral or spoken word and now we have the technology to enable this. There are many voices that are un-heard because because people are more used to the spoken medium than the written one.

    My vision of the system is as follows: users post their recordings, other users rate the credibility of the content. The website need to enable people to record their voices online i.e provide basic audio tools. The content will be thematically arranged: for example, we will have categories like art, science, myths of origins, traditional medicine, music,proverbs, genealogies etc. The system will have a powerful search engines to search these titles. I have a lot of content myself that I will initially provide. These are rare interviews with Maasai elders, rare songs, and tribal histories.

    I need some volunteers, competent with wordpress and other web technologies, to build this site. I am a beginner to wordpress but I dont think its enough reason not to give people of the world voices to speak and make a better future for themselves.

    Kind regards,
    Mohamed Yunus (not the Nobel Prize winner)

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