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    I’ve searched all over the internet and can’t find out how to remove Timthumb from my installation. The theme I installed has it integrated, but it’s just not working for me and I don’t need it anyway. I’ve seen lots of people ASK how to remove it, but it seems the only answers they get are from people trying to troubleshoot the Timthumb problem, giving advice on permissions, folders, etc. I don’t want to fix Timthumb. I just want it out.

    I’d GREATLY appreciate help with ripping it out and using the standard WordPress method of making posts. I’m sure it’s ultra-simple, I’m just not familiar enough with the code to suss it out myself.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give. This stupid issue is holding up my entire launch.



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  • What image software is installed server side? “what image software is included in your hosting package” Timthumb is server side include if I am not mistaken, many disabled this function for security reasons.

    You can try work around :
    Open your TimThumb script and find this code (around line 496 on version 1.12)

    view sourceprint?
    1 ‘readfile( $cache_file );’

    Then you need replace readfile function with file_get_contents, This is the best method, beside file_gets_contents, there are several PHP Functions we can use, such as fpassthru, back to this tricks, to make your TimThumb work, replace code above with this code

    view sourceprint?
    1 ‘$img_data = file_get_contents( $cache_file );
    echo $img_data;’

    And done, this trick works like charms in my server client. I hope tricks to fix Readfile Problem on TimThumb is worked on you too

    remove the ‘before and after’ the code

    Thanks for trying, but this is just what I was talking about– I don’t want a workaround, I want it out.

    To be perfectly precise, I need someone to say “Okay, look for THIS swatch of code (codecodecode) and replace it with THIS swatch of code (codecodecode) wherever you find it. Then delete the TimThumb php file” or whatever the procedure may be.

    Despite my best efforts, I can’t figure out what bit of code to cut out and what a standard, everyday installation of WordPress uses instead. That’s all I need.

    (I tried your suggestion, by the way. No luck. Thanks again for trying.)

    I’ve figured out that my problem is not with Timthumb (anymore). I’m now thinking that timthumb was just the start of it, and that the integration of timthumb was more complex than initially thought.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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