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  • I was so much happier with WordPress BEFORE the recent upgrade. Can you tell me where I can go to download the 1.5 version?


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  • I second that.

    Ask and ye shall receive 🙂

    Downloading is not a problem:
    The real problem is that you cannot go back: with the upgrade your DB has been modified and it will not work with the 1.5.x version 🙁

    At the beginning of the year there was a “downgrade” plugin if you are really, really into going back. Search for it.

    Actually, the REAL problem is the number of plugins that only work with 2.0, as well as any issues no longer being tracked and fixed in the 1.5 branch…


    yeah, it’s there for the taking, but I honestly can’t think of a single reason to use an older version

    Maybe because people don’t like all the smooth AJAX?

    (I do like it, though)

    One reason for an older version…
    I have a datafeed that will not work on anything later than 1.52 – a problem with the .htaccess file. A note from the developer included.
    “WordPress 2.0 has some functionality bugs. The Datafeed will work with WP 2.x, but you’ll need to use a .htaccess file from WP 1.5x. The WP 2.x versions do something funky with the .htaccess file, which disables custom rewrite rules.”
    Any suggestions would be welcomed.

    “The WP 2.x versions do something funky with the .htaccess file, which disables custom rewrite rules.””

    That’s false. I have setup several blogs with custom rules in the WP .htaccess.

    I totally hate the html pop-up box. Any code that I put in there is modified to include extra misc. code – and it takes me way too long to fix it to what I want. I liked it FAR better when I could add or not add code directly in the “post” box – and get the final post to look EXACTLY like I want without fanfare.

    This updated version has been pulling my hair out!!


    Can’t you just disable the wysiwyg editor?
    You have that option in 2 places:
    admin > Users > Your profile > bottom left
    and in general: Options > Writing > Formatting checkboxes…

    I didn’t know this…let me give it a try.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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