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  • Since i am not technically allowed to ask for paid services i thought i would ask for someone to volunteer to do this for me. I will be more than willing to allow the person to put a direct link to their “sites” .
    My contact info is my member name @

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  • You can ask for paid help in the WP Pro mailing list.

    What exactly is involved in “finishing your site”

    unless his site is it aint gonna be worth the linkback 😉

    really? what a shock 😛





    you’re allowed to ask for paid services; we aren’t allowed to start a bidding war to get your money.

    Nice try all the same though.

    given it’s currently an empty directory, I’ll *start* it for a linkback 😛




    I was going to prattle on about how little a linkback is worth these days. And how anyone on this forum, that is worth their salt, already has enough linkbacks to choke a horse.

    But then, I thought that was too many cliches in one paragraph and decided not to.

    you can lead a horse to linkbacks, but you can’t make it follow them, or something.

    Anyway, I figure an index.html with my name on it is a bloody good start.

    I’d like someone to finish my sites … for free. I’d also like someone to come mow my yard … for free. While you’re at it, can you also climb up on a ladder and change my AC filter? You guessed it: for free.

    I have a couple of web design clients that need WP upgrades. I’m way too busy hanging out in this forum bellyaching. So can you please upgrade those 6-7 sites for me. For free. 😛

    Oh, and if StuffbyStephan turns out to be a web design site … I’m gonna scream.

    Well I am more then willing to help anyone for free if they need it.
    Just e-mail me @
    My sites aren’t the best, but I enjoy them.


    Gee Jake, for a blissful split second there, I thought you were gonna say you’d come mow my yard! 😀 (Can’t pay ya, but I make a mean pitcher of iced tea!)

    Actually, I do have a yard man that I pay; my whole point was that most people tend to like getting paid for work that they do. But fortunately, there are kind souls out there like Jake who would help you out for the warm fuzzy and (hopefully, Jake, are you listening) for the chance to put any original design work into a portfolio (so that someday, SOON, you WILL get PAID for doing that which you enjoy). 😉

    Thanks for that…

    I now have a picture of Jake, sweat glistening on his muscular back as he mows Joni’s lawn with his shirt tied around his waist. Joni, wearing a light coloured low-cut summer dress, leans over a cedar table on the patio to pour the iced tea just as a light summer breeze catches her dress for a split-second and reveals the tiniest sliver of lace trim on her modest yet deeply provocative underwear.

    As she catches Jakes intense stare shredding the wispy dress from her heaving bosom, she realises that SOON he WILL be getting paid.

    (yes, paid, I said *P*aid) 😛




    hahahahah, I just covered coconut’s eyes. 8>

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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