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    Hi. 🙂

    I am very new to running my own site, and on a steep learning curve. As a forewarning, if you start talking about CSS, my brain will freeze over. 😉

    Here’s the situation I need help with.

    I started a new site with Very quickly realised its limitations made it unworkable for my needs — so took the plunge in getting my own paid hosting for the first time, and installed

    At — Gateway looked fantastic! It looked exactly as I wanted. When I imported my site to on my own hosted domain — the layout all completely changed, and I cannot get it back to the way it should be, no matter what options I try. Even on a completely fresh WP subdomain install [i.e. not my imported site], it looks completely borked in comparison to the way it looked on

    Simply put — albeit incorporating my own image in place of the default one — it all needs to look precisely like this:

    The full page image with titles, which you scroll down to reveal the navigation panel, scrolling on for the Home Page message, then on down to featured posts, and room for video content at the bottom of the home page.

    I cannot find any way of changing things beck to how they appeared in

    I’d prefer not to link to my site if at all possible, as it is designed to be private for now, and is in maintenance mode. I’d preferably like some help without needing to mention those “CSS” initials. But if you do need to in order to help — please bear in mind I’ll barely have any idea what you’re talking about, so you’ll need to be very specific in any steps I must take.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    We did not create the version. Automattic which runs created a version of Gateway based on our version. Confusing I know. It looks like you can download the version from the link is under Stats and info.

    Good luck!

    Wow, if that is exactly the same as I had over there, I’ll be thoroughly delighted! I had everything looking exactly the way I wanted on, but couldn’t do all I needed with it, so had to take the plunge and get my hosting. I was gutted I couldn’t recreate the look I wanted.

    Fingers crossed, I’ll try it out now. Thanks so much for your help. 🙂

    And sorry about all that bold text before, I couldn’t edit the post to remove it.

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