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  • Josuha Clinard

    I am fed up with the administration of this board! I have tried and tried and tried to get them to install a board software that actually works! But they simply will not listen. So, since I cannot edit my posts, I demand that all of my posts be deleted immidiately. If my posts are not deleted within 24 hours I will take further action.

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  • Geez, what a whiner.




    What further action will you take? This is free support for a free software product. You’re free not to use it. But the admins have no obligation to you to remove your posts. Especially since you didn’t say please! 😉 Everything here is done at your own risk, with no guarantees.

    You can edit your posts on this board, as long as you are signed in.

    Winer? I am not a winer at all. I don’t see how wanting to remove personal information from a public board is wining. Because of this board, my site has been threatened by hackers, and I have been threatened by people who want to cause me, and my site harm. I cannot remove the personal info that I have accidently posted to this site. This site has a real security problem, which has been bought up in at least 5 or 6 other threads, yet the administrators have stated that they don’t care. So tell me what else I can do besides have my posts erased?

    You are posting to a public forum. What kind of security issues to you have with that?

    Those kinds of responses are neither helpful nor necessary. Please restrict your comments to the subject at hand. You have the privilege of posting anonymously, but if it is abused, you may find anonymous posting being removed.




    We know your feelings toward miniBB. You’re not the only one passionately opposed to it.
    Might I humbly suggest that a private email to the forum administrator (allusion) with a polite request that your posts be “blanked out” would be a much better approach to your situation? I think the onus should be on you to collect permalinks to each and every one of the posts you want blanked.
    As for COPPA, I’m not an expert, but I thought that was specifically about collecing personal information on people under 13 years old. You’re not that young; what other COPPA provision are you referencing?

    why have “people threatened your life and site?” … it’s in no way controversial and you haven’t posted in 8 months. no need to be concerned about posts made while anonymous or not logged in…they dont link to your profile. the one’s you have made while logged in, you can delete on your own.
    just disappear and quit complaining. and IF you are actually being threatened .. contact your local authorites ..dont blame it on a public forum that you willingly post to and provide information for. oh and can you tape the conversation you have with your local authorities …? i want to hear how long they laugh at you.
    regards — Michael 🙂

    What are you talking about? I have made many posts over the last several weeks. And I didn’t say anything about being under 13 at all. And I cannot delete any post I have made, even while logged in, unless they are less than 24 hours old. I am really sorry that I had to make this in public. But the fact remains that I have sent several e-mails to the admins, and they refuse to respond at all, or act on them.




    And I didn’t say anything about being under 13 at all.

    Interesting, someone edited a comment to remove a reference to “coppa”.

    Spam sucks. Abusive internet losers suck. Hostile people with nothing better to do than attack a website suck.

    These are the harsh realities of life on the internet. Every individual has an unfotunate obligation to protect themselves. Despite all the best tools available (firewalls, spam filters, etc etc), there’s still a risk involed with using the internet; and an even greater risk to owning a domain: your address and phone number (or rather, _an_ address and phone number, not necessarily your’s) is available to anyone who does a whois lookup on your domain.

    Patience is a virtue. The admins are busy people. Even after your personal information is removed from here, it’ll exist in google’s cache, the NIC registry, and plenty of other places. Blaming all malicious activity on a few posts here is wildly offbase.

    I don’t really want ALL my posts deleted. Just the ones that have my personal info in them. But as I have asked the admins to delete them, and they have not done so, so I feel I have to resort to requesting them all to be deleted. I know that I cannot demand that they be removed, and there is nothing that requires them to be removed, but it sure would make me feel better if the admins would at least try to work something out with me. So far the ones I have talked to have been unwilling to do so, but I am hopeful we can work something out. Sorry for all the confusion. I guess I was just upset, and didn’t think rationally before. Hope you all can see past my shortcomings.

    Here may be part of the problem:

    The real issue here is that the board allows guest posting, and I cannot edit the post that I have posted while being anonymous, or posting with a mispelled username.

    Who’s to say (for certain) that it was really you who posted those? I’m not saying you don’t know what you did or didn’t post, but how are the admins supposed to know? I could ask them to remove a particular anon post, saying it was me and that I’d like it deleted, but who’s to say I didn’t just pick a post I didn’t like from someone else? See, it opens up a whole can of worms…

    why are you putting personal information in your posts?
    you’re like 25, a former student of ACU and now enrolled withTSTC majoring in DESIGN TECHNOLOGY. You live in abilene, are single … and i even know that you have hazel eyes.
    Now, if you dont have the common sense NOT to provide your information in posts or insecure forums/conversations/etc. then you deserve every form of the supposed ‘harrassment’ you’ve received. maybe you should learn from this lesson and move on.

    Alright, do I need to call a timeout? Let’s let it go and let the devs handle his request. _Peace_

    I’m talking about website info, such as passwords to a database, and location of wordpress files.

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