I want a plugin with Ebay capabilities, not to list on Ebay (1 post)

  1. Tony Locke
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am looking to purchase a plugin to convert my WordPress theme into a site LIKE Ebay. I don't want to list items already on Ebay, I want to compete with Ebay.

    A Plugin like Craigslist is close, but I would still need sorting ability. Also, it would be nice if every item was a post and the post diappeared after it was sold. WP e-Commerce is close, but no sorting and the listing is a mess. Items listed in Ebay is tight and easy to browse after a search.


    Is there a plugin that will organize listing and let users search them by category, price, distance, etc.?

    This is what I really need. I want to compete with Ebay, not just sell their stuff on my site, OR my stuff on their site.

    My personal site is http://www.SuccessinService.com

    Blessings for your input
    Sincerely, Tony Locke

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