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    Stellar plugin!!! Exactly what I need. Well done.

    I need to post an entire page of links to quizzes, not a page per quiz. I tried to add more than one short URL thing, but could not, as you know. I may be and am confused.

    I have several quizzes, dozens.
    I have a page called ‘Quizzes’.
    I need a list of quizzes to display on Quizzes page.
    As in, a list of links to quizzes.

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read and respond.

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  • You can uses subpages or menus to do this…

    There is a nice video on how to setup menus that should do what you want to do.



    Thank you. That was helpful, but not what I need in this case.
    I do not want dozens of subpages in a menu – I need the links to be a list on one page that can be perused through:

    Quiz1 – subjects, nouns and pronouns.
    Quiz2 – verb tenses for TO BE. Simple past, present and future.
    Quiz3 – verb tenses for TO BE. Continuous past, present and future.
    … and so on…

    I can tell that this is likely not possible with WP. This is not a good idea: but I may have to build the quizzes myself (!) on another website and have the main WP menu link pull up that external page with the list.

    Bummer, destroys the main purpose of the site for my class.
    I will leave this open for now, optimist that I am. The plug-in is so awesome!

    Try this…

    1. Make sure each quiz you have made is configured on its own wordpress page. Once you have each quiz on its own page, then you can list them as links on one wordpress page by following the steps below.

    2. Add a new page to your wordpress

    3. Click the “Link” button to add a internal link.

    4. A pop up box will show up, on the bottom of the pop up box will show you all of your wordpress quiz pages.

    5. Highlight a quiz and press the “Add Link” button

    6. You will see an entry similar to the one listed below. You will have to make a little modification to this.

    <a href="" title="Quiz1"></a>

    You need to make a slight modification to the link above …Make the link look like this.

    <a href="" title="Quiz1">Quiz1</a>

    Now go view your wordpress page after adding a few links, and you should see a list of links.



    WOW!! Though I have not tried it yet, it is the answer I was looking for!

    Thank you so very much (you have no idea, I had given up). I will let you know how it works – or if I screw up. :^)



    I just read your other blank posts in my email. Your method works, no? I have not tried it yet.

    yes it works…try it…I could not delete the blank posts



    I am excited! I hope to squeeze in some time right now. I will update you, or screw up and ask questions.

    You are most gracious!

    Thank you

    It Works Perfectly – no code changes needed too!!!

    I can hide pages from the main navigation?

    Get this plugin if you want to hide pages..

    “PC Hide Pages”



    Everything is working great! The site is not ready for prime time and I only have two quizzes made- but have a look…

    Thank you so very much. I am finally able to do what I set out to do, months ago. And a couple of wasted sites ago. I just wanted the quizzes, to make my own, and the links I use. Useful, but lame website.

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