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  • Any advice?
    Plugins, code snippets, other forums to go to.
    Or just a tip on how to search. I don’t know what term to search for, beyond “nav menu”
    Does anyone know of a WP site with a menu like the one in the URL?

    All advice I can give is, research the coding of the nav menu, Upload his template or find the source oooor search generate menu’s.

    All I can give you,good luck!

    P.S. You could even contact the site admin…

    That’s a very pretty blog, in a parchmenty way: as a University blog they probably won’t mind telling you their secrets, if they bother to reply.

    The only trouble is I can’t see any menu navigation at all on any part of the page, not even next/previous; although the standard Archives List ( maybe that’s what you mean ) indicates posts several years back: the page finishes for me at July 4.

    However the fact that the site is written in .asp ( one of Microsoft’s odd projects ) and not php makes me question whether it has much to do with WordPress.

    Not that it matters, but I like this navi plugin by Olly Benson.

    Google Ubermenu

    Yes, Ubermenu is pretty close in appearance. Although it seems to require 3 levels instead of just the 2 that is in the other example. I just need the 2 levels. I thought about checking with the author to see how hard it would be to modify. Maybe I will.

    Unfortunately the university blog I was looking at is written in asp as Claverhouse points out, so I don’t know that it would be much good to contact them.

    You can do ubermenu with two. I just completed a site that had a similar menu that I used it for.. but didn’t do that goofy vertical resizing when you used it. The css is well written and has comments throughout.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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