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  • I have a love hate relationship with WooCommerce. I have used WooCommerce for a long time I have 6 different websites I manage everyday.

    PROS: User friendly. I love that I can just change my stores with a touch of a button. Integration is easy. Set up is easy and quick.

    CONS: The support and upgrades. The support is good, but the timing is awful. I wish they have phone support. I live in the US and sometimes having the company in RSA is very difficult especially if they need more info to address the issue. It could take days for it to be fixed simply because of the time delays. The Upgrades are sometimes not compatible with the theme and thats where errors come up. I have seen an error sometime for weeks in the dashboard before a fix comes out.

    Overall, WooCommerce is better then any other service. I will continue to use WooCommerce on my site and my future sites. I just would like there to be better support.

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  • @tmama
    Options –

    (1) if you have backups from before the update, you can restore to the most recent backup

    (2) if you haven’t any backups, you might take a fresh backup and then roll woocommerce back to the version which was working prior to your problematic update.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    In future, please post on the support area first 🙂 People will assist

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    The Upgrades are sometimes not compatible with the theme and thats where errors come up. I have seen an error sometime for weeks in the dashboard before a fix comes out.

    What error is that? Template update perhaps? In which case it’s the theme’s responsibility to test and update where needed, and follow our beta release cycle in advance of final release. Template files will/need to change over time.

    I get it. You don’t like my review. I do have an opinion, I still promote WooCommerce and I still do use it for all my sites. Yes, I agree with you that if it is a template issue that they should test it. It still is very hard to get support.

    Here is the error I currently have on one of my websites. Which I understand does say theme, however, I get the same runaround from the theme saying is WooCommerce. You can understand my frustration.
    “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – Please read our integration guide or check out our Storefront theme which is totally free to download and designed specifically for use with WooCommerce.”

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    That’s not an error you need to worry about if you’ve integrated the theme yourself. Essentially it’s a prompt to send users to the integration docs if needed. Something useful for custom and non-woo themes.

    Themes with built in support won’t show this notice because they declare support (takes 1 line of code). You can dismiss and ignore it 🙂

    I apologize for the nieve tone this question is going to take on but I’m new to all of this. First, thank you for this review- it’s refreshing to see a review that gives pro’s and con’s of an add-on before using it myself.

    Since I’m completely new to having a website/blog and am just finishing up the build (wordpress obviously+sutdiopress gensis+ child theme-still picking this) should I avoid this for my online store since I don’t know how to adjust codes of my theme and “integrate it into the theme”?

    Jessica, absolutely use WooCommerce. You don’t need to know code. That’s why they are so good. They are a very good e-commerce. I, too, can not integrate, but WordPress support is very helpful. You can get support from WooCommerce, just be patient, support takes a while. You can always look at the website of here for answers to your questions, but if you like me you can get lost in translation.
    I use Genesis theme in my website and I love it.

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