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  • I tried to install WordPress Beta 2.0, but something went wrong with my FTP program and I deleted all of the 2.0 files from my server AFTER I had run upgrade.php for 2.0.

    I tried putting my old 1.5.2 Strayhorn files back on my server, as I had saved a complete backup copy of all my files. This didn’t work, and I kept getting a message telling me to “reinstall my database tables”. But I didn’t want to go ahead and do that, as I’m goign to do my best to fix this problem without losing two years of posts and comments. So I decided that I must have messed something up during the upgrade.php process. I put the 2.0 files BACK again, and ran upgrade.php again.

    I can get into my wp-admin now, and people can actually view the site, the archives, the page, the comments, etc. But it seems that the databse isn’t working properly. When I go to delete a page, I get a pop-up with tons of gibberish (to me…), and there are other minor problems in my Admin.

    If anybody out there knows what it wrong, and how to fix my database to make everything run smoothly again, your help would be greatly appreciated! My site can be found @

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  • 2.0 is for testing – not to be used on live sites.
    There is no way back (aka “downgrade”) to a former version.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    There are significant database changes in version 2.0
    Unless you have a complete db backup, there is NO way at all to roll back to 1.5 or any other earlier version.

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    Then should I just wait until they actually release a stable version of 2.0?

    You say “I had saved a complete backup copy of all my files”, but did you back up the database? If so, you can delete the database, the wp install, upload a clean install of 1.5.2 and migrate the original database into the 1.5.2 install.

    I didn’t backup my database, as I didn’t know I was supposed to. I’ve only had my site set up with WP for a month or so, so everything is relatively new to me, including MySQL Databases.

    Ouch…. that’s too bad. Without a database backup….

    Check with your host – they may have a database backup from before you did the wrong thing….

    without losing two years of posts and comments

    I’ve only had my site set up with WP for a month or so,

    So you had a blog with another engine? Is that site still there? Or do you have those files? If you only were to loose 1 month of posts (sucks), but get back the other 2 years(better), you could simply re-import the other blog into your clean WP install, and consider yourself the wiser for knowing to back up -ALL- files, especially the database, before upgrading, or worse, playing with unstable releases.

    I was using Blogger up until mid-November, so I guess that is an option. I think I might wait until the Stable release of 2.0, though, then run upgrade.php with that and see if it fixes the problems.

    What’s so hard for people to get about “Beta”? 😐

    When gmail, flickr, etc banter around with “beta” almost as if it’s a badge of honor…

    Well, NOW, it is a high time to back up your database 🙂

    Possibly, your database is not harmed so you had better wait for the stable version.

    Hehe, you must back up your data when you upgrade.

    I will backup my database now and wait for the stable version of 2.0 to see if that fixes the problems. If not, I’ll just import my old posts from Blogger and try and add back the 20-something entries I’ve posted since I switched over to WP.

    Dhepnar saved your garage instead of your car. Ouch! I’m happy each day while receiving my backup cronjob report. It is also safely stored at gmail. Thanks podz!

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