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    I made a subdomain website while i waited for a new domain that i just got to propagate.

    Once it was done i used the WordPress migration and duplicator plugin to create a zip back up and uploaded into my new site.. everything seemed like it was working but i think i missed a step…

    because i decided to work on my next website on the subdomain thinking i could just do that… the first site that i migrated to got all messed up and now i can’t log into it at all… every time i try logging into the new site.. it changes to the subdomain wp login instead..

    does anybody know how i can fix this?

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  • A little update…

    I was able to access the database from my phpMyAdmin and update to the new url so it doesn’t redirect…

    Now i am able to sign in but my WordPress dashboard is all messed up. it’s just simple text now.. did i mess something up in phpMyAdmin to cause this?

    okay i am really fucking up now…

    I tried following these instructions but none of it worked and i think i messed my site up more after downloading File Zilla and playing around with it.

    Now both of the wp domains have errors!!! I noticed my new site had a whole url folder of my subdomain so i played around with that.. bad idea…

    My subdomain has a Index of/ screen

    And my new domain has a 500 Error. Internal Server Error.


    Is there anyway to just completely start over on the website/wordpress? i have a backup zip file from doing the migration.. is there anyways i can just start over again and import that again? I’m okay with losing the subdomain site but would like to find a way to salvage at least the url/domain of the new site….. blahhhh

    Thank you if anybody can help me

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    Hi @hellov,

    If you are importing from site A to site B, you should use the find and replace option while exporting to change the old site URL to the new site URL in which you are importing. This is the correct procedure for migration.

    Since you have already imported and failed, as a workaround to get the migration done, you can do the database migration from your phpmyadmin.

    You can extract the zip and copy the WordPress directories to a new install. Via phpmyadmin, you can migrate the database file and then find and replace the url prefixes.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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