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  • stuartb3502


    A gave it a go, I really did, but I’ve now just installed the Classic Editor plugin and gone to that. I didn’t see any advantage in Gutenberg. I could probably handle the learning curve, but when stuff didn’t work, that was the last straw. In my case, I paste from Word for some content where I need continuous numbering. The example is a privacy policy where major paragraphs need to be numbered and there are bullet point lists under these paragraphs. I can do that in Word (it’s not that easy there, but I’ll leave the MS rant for now). I couldn’t figure out how to do that in WP. In Classic Editor I can copy and paste and the numbering is restained. If I do that in Gutenberg, it changes the numbering to bullets. Please don’t foist incomplete improperly tested beta software as the default editor and expect us to suffer the loss of productivity while we test it for you. Happy to have a beta that’s identified as a beta alongside the production release.

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  • Ian Dunn


    Hi Stuart, I’m sorry it was a bad experience. Would you be willing to link to an example Word document with the type of numbering you describe? I’d be happy to file a bug report so that it can be fixed.

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