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  • I perfer blackjack, but this is an excllent blog none the less.

    Thanks, I am partial to a bit of black jack myself from time to time, but Poker seems to be more fun and addictive. lol

    Hey Cozy, I like the theme, looks clean, the site also loaded up quick however this is just a personal preference but I prefer the pictures/video’s to be centered.

    Cheers pal i will try and make some of the pics central and see what people think.

    So as it turns out im stupid and cant make my images/pictures central even though when i upload a picture it gives me the option to put it central and when i click it, it still puts it on the left GRRRRRRR. HELP!!!

    Arrrrggghh it just wont work!!!!!!!

    I think its my theme and it wont let me change the position, i need some code if anyone can write any?

    Put this in your stylesheet (if it’s not there already).

    .center {
         text-align: center;

    Then when you insert an image, go to code view and put class=”center” in the image tag, like so:

    <img class="center" src="" alt="alt text" />

    Your theme should already have this – the button is in your editor. Just select the image, and click the center button.

    thanks very much.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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