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  • First, let me say I am NOT using Safari, but IE6.

    I have a blog and I think at one time I could format the text using buttons, you know, highlight text and click to italicize it, or wrap around a URL to make a link.

    I don’t remember there being paragraph tags but if there is a way to do that, it would REALLY help since I have to keep doing those manually.

    So I searched and came up with Quicktags. It says I have to go to Admin > Options > Writing but when I do that, I don’t see anything related to Quicktags that I should click.

    I forget which version of WP I have, I think it’s 2.something, I just downloaded it a few months ago.

    So how do I get the quicktags to appear?

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  • In your admin panel scroll to the bottom – you can always read your version.
    If there is a link, we can tell it, too.

    Since 2.x you have the option to use the wysiwyg (RTE or TinyMCE) editor – or the the old type, classic quicktags.
    Disabling the wysiwyg monster will automatically bring up the Quicktags.
    To disable:
    – admin > Options > Writing: uncheck the rich text editor box
    – admin > Users > Your profile: left bottom corner: uncheck

    It didn’t work!

    I did that yesterday but today when I went to blog I didn’t see any quicktags.

    I double-checked that all the changes had been saved (they were), so why can’t I see the quicktags?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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