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  • Here’s why:

    The popular Customizr theme is still based upon Bootstrap 2.3.2 (as far as I can tell). The developer for that theme looks like he may blend some of the components of both Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 together in his next version (but that would become a Bootstrap Hybrid).


    Why would you want to structure a new website on an older version of a ubiquitous front-end framework, when you can get the most up-to-date version right here and now. Now, If the developer for Customizr fully converts his theme to Bootstrap 3, my comments might become moot. But, I don’t see that happening. I believe that Customizr’s developer is too obligated to that older framework to make any major changes that might panic his current user base.

    Another problem with Customizr is its lack of developer support for bbPress integration. The developer has basically ignored user requests on that topic for several months. I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GET bbPRESS TO WORK ON THIS WARD THEME RIGHT NOW: I might be wrong, but I think Bootstrap 3 is just more compatible with bbPress than Bootstrap 2 (Not sure why. I’m not a programmer).

    At any rate; I’m not here to slam the Customizr Theme. I think that it is a great theme, and extremely popular. I just think that it has two downsides: it is still based upon Bootstrap 2, and it doesn’t seem to integrate very well with bbPress.

    So, try this theme instead! It is based upon Bootstrap 3, and seems to integrate fairly well with bbPress. Try it, you might like it! Here’s what I’ve done with it so far:

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