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  1. jenla
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    site: http://www.knottygirls.com/jenla.blog

    A few days ago, after having recently upgraded to 2.2, I started getting the white screen of death when trying to access wp-admin. It went away, it came back. After reading some other threads, I deleted my alinks plugin, which allowed us into the dashboard finally. However, I hit "publish" on a post and now the whole thing is a white screen of death. I can't access any of it now. I can still access my cpanel. I've deleted all plugins except for bad behavior, akismet and spam assassin. Another thread suggested it may have something to do with subcategories, and that rang a bell. I had been organizing my categories and assigning them parents when this originally started. But now that I can't get into my dashboard to un-do it, I have no way to figure it out. Is there a file in my cpanel I can edit?

    I'm not so hot with all the technical speak, unfortunately, so I need someone to break it WAY down, but I really appreciate any help because I'm completely stuck.

    This happens to both authors, on both IE and Firefox. We've cleared browsers and dns caches. It started about 2 days after I did the 2.2 upgrade. Uploading fresh wp-admin files made no difference.

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